Active Communications | CAMERA JIBS, DRONE & BOOM
Active Communications is a full service media production company located near Boston, MA. Active serves local, regional, and national markets, focusing on corporate, broadcast, web and film projects. We offers a wide variety of services ranging from HD video production and post production to digital photography and event support. We have developed thousands of creative, cost effective projects for a national and international clientele. We also work with individuals in the local community on personal projects or events. Typical projects include: Web and Streaming Video, Marketing Projects, Commercial Messaging, Broadcast Field Production, Events, Meetings, and Conferences, Short and Feature Length Films, Educational and Training Video, Documentaries, Personal Media Projects. With over 30 years of experience in the communications industry and a large array of resources, Active Communications is well prepared to meet your needs. We look forward to partnering with you or your organization on your next project!
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Jimmy Jib Triangle on the set of an EMC event.



This jib arm is very useful for achieving high angle and sweeping motion shots. Typical projects include commercials, corporate events, concerts and films. This jib is expandable up to 24 feet, has full pan, tilt, zoom, iris and focus controls and can interface with a wide variety of cameras. Our jib operators are highly skilled and have years of experience. Contact us for pricing and availability.


All of our jibs can be configured for use with DSLR cameras as we have USB focus and servo zoom controls for these cameras.


Click below for some jimmy-jib demo clips:


Celtic Sojourn
American All Star Band


We’ve just added a Typhoon 4K Drone to our inventory.  This quad-copter drone is very useful for all sorts of exterior shots.


Our operator (Dan) is a licensed private pilot (SEL, High-Performance, Tail-Wheel) and also a licensed FAA Part 107 drone operator.


Drones are useful for a variety of shots including:


  • Motion shots of building exteriors
  • Exterior tracking shots
  • Beauty shots for special events
  • Survey and Inspection


Please contact us for more information or to book a shoot.

Typhoon 4K Drone

High Angle Landscape Photography from our 34-foot Boom Truck (Location: Harvard, MA)



Our boom truck is a great production resource for video, film and photography. The truck features a 34 foot arm enabling the operator to get very high angle exterior shots.


The truck is ideal for landscape photography (see left) and video or film shooting. The operator sits at the end of the boom and a camera can be mounted to a head on a fixed plate for static shots or pans and tilts. One of the great features of the truck is how quickly it can be deployed versus a jib. Once at the location, the operator can setup and begin shooting within minutes.


This truck is also useful for exterior grip and rigging (flying cables, hanging props or grip gear).



We have two other smaller jibs that also work well to create motion shots in production and dramatic programs:


Camera Turret Jib (12 foot)


  • Rear operation with hot head (pan, zoom, tilt, focus, iris)
  • Front operation with O’Conner or Manfrotto heads
  • DSLR camera controls available


Glidecam Jib (6 – 8 foot)


  • Front operated jib for small cameras (up to 15 lbs)
  • Comes with a Manfrotto 501 head, quickset tripod and weights.

Our 24-foot Jimmy Jib Triangle in use at a multi-camera music concert at the House of Blues, Boston, MA.