Active Communications | Production Gear List
Active Communications is a full service media production company located near Boston, MA. Active serves local, regional, and national markets, focusing on corporate, broadcast, web and film projects. We offers a wide variety of services ranging from HD video production and post production to digital photography and event support. We have developed thousands of creative, cost effective projects for a national and international clientele. We also work with individuals in the local community on personal projects or events. Typical projects include: Web and Streaming Video, Marketing Projects, Commercial Messaging, Broadcast Field Production, Events, Meetings, and Conferences, Short and Feature Length Films, Educational and Training Video, Documentaries, Personal Media Projects. With over 30 years of experience in the communications industry and a large array of resources, Active Communications is well prepared to meet your needs. We look forward to partnering with you or your organization on your next project!
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This page gives a partial list of our production gear inventory, most of which is available for rental as well.  Please contact us for pricing.

Our 24-foot Jimmy Jib Triangle in use at a multi-camera music concert at the House of Blues, Boston, MA.

Jibs and Camera Support


  • 24’ JimmyJib Triangle with remote power head, monitoring, and more
  • 15’ Camera Turret Jib with updated remote power head (Glidecam), monitoring, etc.
  • 6’ Glidecam Jib with head
  • 8’ Glidecam Jib with head
  • “BeBob” brand full rear camera lens control for Panasonic Cameras
  • Canon LANC for Sony and others
  • 34’ bucket truck with one 150mm bowl mounted to bucket/O’Connor 50 included (2 arms)
  • (2) SpiderPod units
  • (3) O’Connor Hydroped w/O’Connor 50D heads and panhandles — excellent for tight spaces (theater seats, 0perating rooms, cooking shows, etc.)
  • (6) O’Connor 50 fluid head systems
  • (1) Sachtler hot pod vw/ video 14 head
  • (2) Manfrotto Tilt Head Chickenfoot Monopods
  • (2) 8-foot ladder style Aluminum Staging Systems
  • 150 mm bowl Hi-Hat
  • 150 mm bowl baby legs
  • Mitchell mount heavy duty standard and baby legs


  • (3) Sony EX3 XDCAM with Canon and Fujinon Conventional Lenses (includes: rear controls, RMB 150 shading controls with 100-meter control cables spooled and jumpered, O’Connor 50 dual handle fluid head on tripod)
  • (1) PMW 350 XDCAM with 18x lens (calculates out to approx. 30X) works with RMB 150 controls. Additional lenses available.
  • (1) Canon 7D System with B-4 lens adapter
  • (1) Panasonic Lumix GH2 with B-3 f1.7 2/3” lens and battery power module for precise zoom control also Micro 4:3 Lumix lenses.
  • (4) GoPro – Two Hero 2 and Two Hero 3 with external power capability for long term time lapse work
  • (2) Sony V1U HDV Camcorder systems – including Manfrotto Tripods and rear LANC zoom control

Sony PMW-EX3 Camera System

Our ATEM flypack can be setup quickly for multi-camera productions.  This is a good approach for event, broadcast, live streaming, overflow video, or image magnification applications.



  • FLYPACK: ATEM switcher, 6 input with 2 touchscreen laptop controls, 4 RMB 150 shading controls (100-meter), HD Waveform/Vector, Monitoring, Intercom, Adapters and Distribution Amplifiers. Includes 500 GB BlackMagic Design recorder with 2 discs and transfer adapter.
  • Adaptor Kit
  • (3) KiPro Mini recorders each with 32-GB SD card
  • (3) Field Monitor kit – (HDMI monitors with SDI converters)
  • 4K AJA ki-pro portable with 2 256 GB Data cards
  • (4) 7” HDMI type monitor for external viewfinder application
  • Roland Scaler



  • (4) RMB 150 XDCAM CCU camera control unit
  • (4) 100-meter RMB camera control cable
  • (4) male to female RMB “jumper” cable
  • Astro Waveform/Vector/Picture monitor scope analyzer (HD-SDI)


  • (10) Assorted Sony ECM Lavaliere Mic systems
  • PSC MKM4MKII field mixer
  • (2) Mackie 1202 mixer
  • (2) Shure FP 32 stereo field mixers, boom poles and pole holders
  • (2) Panasonic analog 8 Channel mixer
  • Schoepps Shotgun Mic system
  • (2) Sennheiser 816 Systems (T-Power)
  • (2) Fender P-250 Public Address Systems
  • Zoom H4N Digital Audio Recorder
  • Tascam 60D audio mixer recorder (suitable for mounting under DSLR camera)
  • (2) Sony wireless lavaliere systems
  • (4) Sennheiser wireless Lavaliere/stick mic systems (multi-frequency)
  • Lectrosonics wireless lavaliere/stick mic system
  • (2) Wireless audio short hop 5.8 mhz jump systems (for PA expansion)



  • (2) 7-Station RTS intercom kits with biscuit boxes and cabling
  • RTS to Clearcom active conversion unit

We have a large inventory of audio gear: microphones, wireless systems, mixers, recorders and more

Chromatte Reflecmedia Chroma Key System.  This system uses an LED camera ring lite to trigger micro-reflective beads on the backdrop.


  • Chromatte Reflecmedia LED Ringlite Retroflective System 12’x12′ including stands (Chroma Key Green and Blue)
  • (2) Additional Chroma Key Green Ringlites for up to 3 Camera Chroma Key, or 3 Retroflective systems
  • (6) 15’ x 3’ retroflective material for expanding retroflective screen size
  • Standard 6’ oval Chroma Key background
  • Large oval green standard material background for conventional Chroma Key


  • (2) 6K LED Panel daylight lighting kits – 500, 1000, and 2000 watt equivalent in each kit. 2K units are dimmable
  • (2) 1K Fresnel style daylight LED with doors and 3200K conversion filters
  • (3) LED Cameralight LED systems – AA battery or Sony type N
  • (2) HMI 575 magnetic Fresnel
  • (3) Tungsten interview kits – Chimera (750 watt) w/ egg crate, 3 mini-Mole Fresnel , 1 Tota, 2 600 watt dimmers stands and accessories.
  • (10) 1K Mole Richardson 1K Fresnel
  • (10) Mole open face 1K
  • (4) 650 Mole-Richardson Fresnel
  • (2) T bar – three head top/2 head lower bar
  • (2) Beefy-baby combo 2 riser stands on wheels
  • (10) Mole roll-a-round stands
  • (10) C stands with double gobo arms
  • (10) Sandbags
  • (10) Sound Blankets
  • (2) Apple Box kits
  • (4) 2K Mole Softlight with Egg Crate
  • (2) 750 Mole Zip Lights with egg crate
  • (2) Backdrop Kits
  • (1) Large Grey Backdrop – 12 x 20
  • (1) 12 x 12 Grey Backdrop
  • Assorted sizes grey and white sized backdrops for “products and heads”
  • (4) 650 watt dimmers
  • (4) 1KW dimmers
  • (10) PoleCat
  • Assorted Black cloth
  • Several flag kits

Active has provided full production services including set lighting for the annual Opportunity Works fundraising auction in Newburyport, MA.

Active has a large assortment of video and audio cabling, fiber, and more to support a wide range of production and A/V applications.


  • 1pr. BlackMagicDesign fiber transceivers with approx 2,000-foot LC to LC fiber pair plus several LC-LC couplers
  • 2,000+ feet triax cable with King’s Connectors. In assorted lengths
  • (6) 150-foot SDI cable reels
  • (8) 100-foot audio/intercom cable reels
  • (3) 150-foot audio cable reels
  • (4) 100-meter Sony remote control 8pin Hirose Cable reels w/ adaptor/jumpers (15m) for RMB 150 shading controls
  • Large quantity of stingers
  • Large quantity of XLR
  • Large quantity of SDI/RG/59



  • (3) Fender Passport Audio Systems
  • 9’x12′ Fastfold front and rear screen kit
  • 8’x8′ Fastfold front and rear screen kit
  • Presenter podium (wood)
  • (6) 6’ tripod screens
  • (2) 5’ Draper Road Warrior self supporting screen
  • (4) Sanyo XP Projectors
  • (3) In-Focus Projector 1500 Lumen
  • Epson wide angle lensed Projector 2000 Lumen
  • (2) Project-o-Stand
  • Multiple AV carts and support gear

For more information and pricing on our audio-visual event rentals, please see our Audio-Visual Rentals page.

Generators are often the easiest way to get remote power for lighting, multi-camera outdoor events (flypack in van powered by generators shown here), etc.


  • 2.2 kW surge Ryobi suitcase inverter-generator (super quiet)
  • 5 kW generator with 100-foot 2 circuit lead 10-gage
  • 4 kW generator with 100-foot 4 circuit lead 10-gage
  • 3.5 kW generator
  • (2) 1.5 kW generator
  • 1 Kw generator
  • Several 12 volt to 110 volt power inverters for varied applications

Note – these generators are non-blimped construction style machines


  • (2) CamWave wireless video (HD SDI) transmitter/receiver units
  • (4) Station Telex wireless duplex intercom station9Integrates to ClearCom and RTS
  • RTS/ClearCom combiner
  • 22x Fujinon Lens with Studio Controls
  • 21x Fujinon Lens with Studio Controls
  • (3) Fujion ACM 18 EX-3 ½” to 2/3” adaptor (internal contacts)
  • Funinon ACM 21 EX-3 to 2/3 adaptor (external Contacts)
  • Schwem Gyrozoom 80 – 300 mm with B-3 to B-4 adaptor
  • 40X manual “box lens” complete with Vinten MK 5 head, lens sled and B-3 to B-4 adaptor includes heavy duty Vinten tripod

Production still from the set of “Magic Happens” a short film directed by Carmela Sainz de Baranda.