Active Communications | MEDIA PRODUCTION
Active Communications is a full service media production company located near Boston, MA. Active serves local, regional, and national markets, focusing on corporate, broadcast, web and film projects. We offers a wide variety of services ranging from HD video production and post production to digital photography and event support. We have developed thousands of creative, cost effective projects for a national and international clientele. We also work with individuals in the local community on personal projects or events. Typical projects include: Web and Streaming Video, Marketing Projects, Commercial Messaging, Broadcast Field Production, Events, Meetings, and Conferences, Short and Feature Length Films, Educational and Training Video, Documentaries, Personal Media Projects. With over 30 years of experience in the communications industry and a large array of resources, Active Communications is well prepared to meet your needs. We look forward to partnering with you or your organization on your next project!
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Production still from The Masters Portrait


Unsure where to turn for help on your media or video project? Let our team partner with you to guide you through the process to create a successful program – no matter how basic or complex.


As HD video and high speed internet communication have emerged, the need for high quality video and media production has only increased. Viewers now expect programs that have creative content and are visually appealing, delivered in high resolution formats.


It is critical that media projects are thoughtfully conceived, well executed and delivered effectively to enhance your message. As experienced professionals, we have the skills to produce programs that stand out for the right reasons – quality and content.


Whether you are looking for a partner to develop and produce a project or you are producing a project yourself and looking for shooting or post-production services, we are here to help.


Be sure to look at our portfolio to get a feel for our capabilities and experience. Then, check out the different sections below for more detail on what we can offer you.



Let Active work with you to develop, create and share your project. We bring a wide range of experience in producing programs and online media to your team.


Some common types of projects we produce:


  • Web Video
  • Corporate Video (marketing, promotion, training)
  • Medical (education, training)
  • Documentaries
  • Event Video (conference, panel discussion, announcements)
  • Broadcast (cable, online streaming)
  • Films
  • Educational Programs


Throughout the process we always keep these questions in mind: How can we creatively and clearly communicate your message? What is the most cost-effective way to produce it?


Production still from EMC event.  Click here for more information on our Jimmy Jib.



With an experienced team and a vast array of production gear, Active offers high quality single and multi-camera field production for our clients. From basic single camera interviews to multicamera live events, we have you covered:


  • Interviews
  • Green Screen
  • Video Streaming
  • Jib Shots
  • Live Switching
  • Image Magnification


For field and studio production, Active offers single and multicamera packages. These packages include full lighting, audio, and grip support. For more complex shots, a 24′ Triangle Jimmy Jib or a smaller 6′ – 14′ Jib are available.


Active also offers a 3-ton lighting and grip truck, a mobile production truck, and a large assortment of specialty production equipment including robo-cams and drones.



Looking for an experienced Lighting Director? Lighting and Grip gear?

One of our specialties is Lighting. We have provided lighting services and gear for large projects such as broadcast TV programs and films and also for other smaller projects. We have a large selection of LED and tungsten lights (Mole-Richardson), grip gear, and specialty items. We can put together a custom lighting package for whatever application you have.


Active has a 3-ton lighting and grip truck which is available for large field lighting jobs.